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Prievie mov Tjädtjan

Letter to my mother

My dearest mother in heaven,
— should I perhaps refer to you as my “Heavenly Mother” ? —
Yesterday, I heard your voice in a dream.

So this is my letter to you;
sure, it’s not my first one —
yet the words seem unable to stand on their own.

I don’t know if you can read this, but
that doesn’t matter.

Maybe you remember the last time 
I wrote to you?
Something about escaping myself —
to hell with it all,
it’s hard to keep a conversation going with someone who is dead.

I still write my letters in a foreign country,
but tonight I use your father’s tongue,
nestled somewhere under the shining moon.

I can see stars here —
can you see the  Starry Plough on the other side?

I still miss you.

Prievie mov tjidtjise

mov gïeres tjidtjie elmiesne,
— Edtjem datnem “elmien Tjidtjie” gåhtjodh ? —
jååktan dov gïele nïekesdimmisne govlim.

Daate mov prievrie dutnjien;
ih leah mov voestes dïjre —
lïjhke baakoeh svïmtjerdieh.

Im daejrieh jis maahtah dejtie lohkedh, bïne
ij leah vihkeles.

Kaane datne ieriedih övteben aejkien
gåessie manne dutnjien tjeelim?
Baatarimmiem manneste bïjre —
daate geerve goh åemehkine soptsestalledh.

Mov prievieh eenje ålkoerïjhkesne tjaalam,
bïne daan jïjjen dov aehtjien gïelese
askedibie nuelesne soptsestem.

daesnie naestieh vuajnam —
maahtah Sarvem dunnie bïelesne vuejnedh?

datnem saangerdem.


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