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Aajja tjäkta

Thinking back, I remember you best
resting on the pebbled beach of Luvlie Geavhta
with a net needle in your hand,
seine spilling over your knees,
back twisted and hands like butterflies
across the water.

You taught me once,
each movement of the arctic charr
as they tangled themselves in what you’d made
and thrown like clouds descending over the lake,
and I grew up and forgot it all.


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  1. David Knowles says:

    Dear Johan, we run a print magazine called ‘Earthlines’ in the Donegal Gàidhealtachd – just a piece of cottage industry really but with a heart and a voice. Wondered if we could get in touch ‘off blog’ and talk about some language subjects with a view to discussing in the magazine? We’re at or I’m on (I have quite a bit of Gaelic but not fluent yet, and quickly catching up in Gaeilge.)

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