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Less Talk. More Action.

Decolonisation is not and cannot be allowed to be transformed into a primarily academic discussion, and we need to move away from treating it as such, and instead start to incorporate decolonial ideas, methods and approaches into our daily lives instead. The act of combatting structural racism does not allow for a polite discourse which ultimately stems from and centres the very Ivory Tower as the source of change, when the truth is that universities uphold the very structures that decolonisation is trying to challenge.
Our lives outside of the colonial norm is not up for discussion if said discussion is being led by institutions that uphold racist structures, our relationship with the land is felt, rather than found within a university centred discourse, and if decolonisation is constantly allowed to be turned into a field of study, rather than permitted to be manifested through lived actions, in and of themselves both disruptive, chaotic and at the same time cathartic and self-healing, we’re doing the opposite of what the term suggests, and instead allowing ourselves to be colonised by the promise of talk, but ultimately no action.
In other words, if decolonisation stops at the study of texts, and never manifests itself as necessary actions – whether small or grander in scope – meant to bring about a positive change that challenges the majority’s history writing and highlights a different way of conceptualising and protecting the world, it is ultimately pointless.

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